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We deliver the 20% that brings 80% of the benefit.

We are simply Different.

We work with you to expose and understand the fundamental problems your Transformation Capability faces.

Then, using appropriate best practice, we work with you to tactically mature parts of your Transformation Capability, in the context of the Strategic whole. Pragmatically.

In today’s turbulent times just changing is no longer a differentiator.

What is a differentiator, is HOW effective and efficient you are at planning, executing and governing Business Transformation.

We are committed to helping organisations mature how they effect Transformation to make them more successful, but also to improve the lives of the people working within the Transformation capability. 

Our basic premise: HOW an Enterprise effects Transformation is becoming either Strategic Strength, where massive business opportunities can be gained, or a Strategic Weakness, where massive business problems will result.

Hence the effectiveness, efficiency, agility and durability of HOW you plan, execute and govern Transformation is of paramount importance and a very high level Operating model is required.

The Pragmatic Operating Model for Enterprise Transformation - POET , is an operating model for the Transformation part of your Enterprise and consists of various phases: 

  • Strategising - the business strategy is formed

  • Roadmapping - roadmap of programs, projects and initiatives to be executed is created

  • Projects - execution of projects through initiation, elaboration, construction and transitioning 

An eye test for your Transformation Capability can allow you to see clearly where you are, to enable you to better judge whether an increase in Maturity is warranted and if so, what parts of your Transformation capability need to be matured.

We offer a free ½ day to 1 day Transformation Maturity Workshop, where we sit with representatives from your Enterprise from various areas of transformation (e.g. strategic planners, PM’s, head of S&A, EA’s, BA’s, Developers, Testers, Change Managers, etc, etc) and (using POET as the context) ask people to identify things that are good, bad or suggestions for improvement.


We then produce a free report for you indicating key findings and recommendations as to which methods, artefacts, culture or technology would benefit from an increase in maturity.

You can view a real example report here.

Let us help you mature your Enterprise Transformation capability to an appropriate level, to enable you to deal with the political, business and technology environment we now find ourselves in.

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