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Pragmatic EA are committed to providing a no-nonsense EA framework which benefits Enterprises and government bodies on a global scale.

The pragmatic ethos and culture, focuses on being pragmatic about everything we do.

This ethos is evident and pervasive within the Pragmatic EA Framework (PEAF) which reduces and distills what is needed out of the general EA background noise and hype, and provide the results in an easy to understand and utilize form.

Pragmatic EA are committed to ensuring that anyone attaining Certified status through our Enterprise Architecture Training, not only understands, but also can apply the Pragmatic Ethos as well as the Pragmatic EA Framework. 


Our Vision is to provide Pragmatic help and support to Enterprises, to improve how they Direct, Operate, Transform and Support their business.


We believe that running your Enterprise is the most important thing that you do, but finding the time to transform HOW your company does what it does, can often take second place.


Let us excel at what we do, to enable you to excel at what you do.

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