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We are simply Different and we have 100% positive feed-back. Read HERE what our clients say.

Based on your needs, we offer various enterprise architecture training and certification, workshops and courses in all Enterprise Architecture Frameworks such as POET, PEAF, TOGAF, PRINCE2, MSP, M_o_R, P3O, MoP, MoV, etc. 

Training opens the mind to new possibilities for your staff and your Enterprise and is a part of the continuous improvement that you must always strive for.

training program allows you to strengthen those skills that each employee needs to improve and brings all of them to a higher level so they all have similar skills and knowledge.

Do you want to:

  • be more pragmatic in your thinking in a world characterized by the acceleration of change?

  • lead a team who  understand what real Enterprise Architecture is?

  • avoid last minute IT implementations to support things that have already been sold to customers?

  • contribute to your organization IT costs decrease, avoiding the purchase of multiple technology products doing same thing?

  • contribute to your organization HR costs decrease through a motivated team?

  • lead EA discussions and promote not only what real EA really is, but also how to mature an Enterprise's EA capability - Pragmatically?

  • distinguish from the crowd and gain a competitive advantage?

Because we are different, our Training Sessions will  help to achieve all of these!

The enterprise architecture frameworks and ontology were created because we care about Enterprises and People.

Were created by observing failure, identify reasons and addressing them.

POET & PEAF provide the 20% (fundamentals) that produces 80% of the benefit.

POET and PEAF have taken more than 10,000 hours to produce in terms of physical work.

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