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The Transformation of Transformation




You need the best people for your business and we have the right expertise to select them. With other 30 years experience in EA and Transformation domains we are your right partner in recruiting the best candidates.


The most valuable resource in any organization is the people. We work with you to  understand your needs, we search and select the best candidates across Architecture and Transformation domains.



If there's nothing more to life than what you know, then there's nothing more to life. Training opens the mind to new possibilities for your staff and your Enterprise. 

We offer training in all Transformation frameworks such as POET, PEAF, PEEF, PRINCE2, MSP, M_o_R, TOGAF, P3O, MoP, MoV, etc, etc.


For many enterprises their Transformation capability has slowly degraded, without the Enterprise being aware of it. Using whatever best practice that is applicable, we can help you tactically mature parts of your Transformation Capability in the context of the Strategic whole.

We work with you to ensure that appropriate tactical adjustments to your Transformation capability are carried out in a pragmatic way, concentrating on the 20% that will bring 80% of the benefit.

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